Max. Input Voltage: 30 Volt D.C.
Operation Voltage: 12/24 Volt D.C.
Speed signal: Square / Sine wave signal
Offset: >0.2 Volt
Voltage pp: > 1 Volt
Duty cycle: 1% – 100%
Max. Input Signal (Pulse): 50, 000 Pulses

Speeding Alarm: Two phases of sound
Speeding Indicator: Red LED on facial cover
Data Download / Upload Slot: USB Slot for Download and Upload data
USB Slot on facial cover with soft plastic (PVC) cover
Digit Display: Four 20 mm height red LED
Dimension of SDS Enclosure: L 130 x W 88 x H 37 mm
External Device Connector: – ve maximum load 300mA, 5V D.C.