SpeedTrol logo TMOur company developed another products spectrum in auto field. The “SpeedTrol” Tubeless Wheel Rims 5.5/16 is specially designed and made for the Toyota Coaster Buses.

The wheel rims are coated with different color to cater for your choice:
STWR-001Y -{Color code: Yellow (Pearl)}
STWR-002S – {Color code: Silver}
STWR-002O – {Color code: Orange}
STWR-002W – {Color Code: White}

Technical Specification of Wheel Rim

SpeedTrol Wheel Rim (Tubeless)
size ’16/5.5
wheel contour designation BandMark On Wheel Rim
offset 95mm
pitch circle diameter 203.2mm
maximum inflation pressure 80psi
clearance between wheel and brake component Front Brake: 5mm
Rear Brake: 28mm
clearance between wheel and suspension components Front Suspension : 31mm
Rear Suspension: 82mm
maximum load capacity 3300lbs